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Gym equipment for ks 2

The brand new gym equipment is fun and it also has some rules. So today year 5 has tried the brand new equipment. There were told all the rules to keep them safe on the new equipment.  Sometime in the future other classes will be allowed on the epic gym equipment. The brand new gym equipment is for people to get excise. You will need to be safe on the equipment. Everyone enjoyed the brand new gym equipment.  

Arsene Wenger leaves Arsenal

Many fans thinks it’s time for a new manager but some don’t think it’s time for him to leave. He has won three premier league titles and 7 FA cups. It is a shame to see Arsene Wenger leave Arsenal after managing Arsenal for nearly 22 years now. He brought in many young star to Arsenal.  

Easter holidays

What I did in the Easter holidays is look after my Labrador called Leia who is 14 and half a week old. Leia is a brown puppy. She enjoys playing with her toys. We take her to puppy school every Sunday. She is the cutest puppy in the world. 

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