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We're going on a long walk...

We're going on a long walk,

We're going to raise some money!

Let's hope it's a beautiful day...

We're not scared!


On Sunday June 11th 2017, myself, Mrs Chapman, Ms Cooper, Miss Savage, Miss Alford, Miss Ellias and Mrs Brady are taking part in the St. Alban's Walking Half Marathon. It's going to be a massive trek, but we are doing it for a great cause - the NSPCC.


This year the NSPCC came to our school and did some work with our children about staying safe. "Speak out, stay safe" is such an important message for children to learn and we're grateful to the NSPCC for helping us to help our children. We know the NSPCC support children in so many ways, especially through providing them with Childline (0800 1111) to call if they ever need to talk. We want to help them in return.


This is going to be a real challenge for us! We're not exactly Olympic athletes, but we are good at perseverance... and we'll need to be. 13 miles is a looooooong way, and we won't even have tea and biscuits. It will help us keep going if you sponsor us. Please donate if you can using our Just Giving Page.


Having a hoot with some owls!

On Friday 5th May the school was visited by Erica and Olivia from Night Owls for a special owl themed assembly, and it was great!
We learnt about some of the 160 varieties of owl, how they are a bird of prey with hooked beaks and tallons on the end of their feet. We met 7 owls: Hattie a tawny owl; Willow & Wispa barn owls; Chip a little owl; Murphy an African spotted eagle owl; Tango a white faced scops owl; and Oscar an Arhonis eagle owl.
Tango, Wispa and Murphy flew over the hall and got very close to us. I was  amazed by how quietly the owls could fly around. I also loved having the opportunity to have my photo taken with  Wispa, and look forward to making it my new picture on the school website! 


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