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Roberto's gym blog

Roberto’s gym blog 
Mrs Chapman explained all the gym equipment for Key Stage 2.The mini leg swinger was so much fun. The layer is a thing that you lie down on. We had so much fun!smiley


Easter holiday


On the Easter holidays I did some geography. I drew countries of the world. I also made some booklets made up a country called the United Max-lino States of Roberto it is greatest nation in my made up earth. It has 50 states e.g.: Spain, California, Arizona, Pink sheep Republic, Idaho, America Republic, Canada, England, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Asia, Scotland and all other states (like demographic Republic of the Korea and Republic of Florida) and the Republic of the Puerto Rican territory. It even has 5 regions of U.M.L.S.R: New England, Mid Atlantic, South States, Midwest, West States.

Location = North Max-Lino

Capital city = Washington DC

Languages = state Languages/English/Latin/Spanish/French/Indo-European


To Mrs Chapman,How is Charterhouse  going? I bet it is fun there. I have watched the video and it looks fun. I wish I was there because it looks fun.

Easter hollidays

On the 2 week holidays I went out with my family to the park. After the park, we had dinner at the Crabtree and when we finished dinner we had a glass of Pepsi. Next I went to my friend’s house and we watched a film and we had popcorn.

Gym experience

First, Mrs Chapman explained the safety rules. Then, Mrs Chapman demonstrated how to use the equipment. After we had a go. We went in sixes I was with Jack, Imogen, Skye, Leni and Desiree. We went on the feet swing, lifter, and arm worker, sit up, peddler. After, going on the gym equipment we waited until the other groups had a go.

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