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Night Howls


Today we were visited by Night Owls,A company that obviously own owls.

First I thought they were a bit weird but they are actually really cool.

We found out that there are 160 different species of owls, like the seven owls we met were Hattie; A Tawwy Owl, Willow And Wispa ;Barn Owls,Chip;A Owlet, Murphy;A African Spotted Eagle Owl, Tango;A White Faced Scops Owl And Oscar;A Eagle owl. I think it was a HowlTastic expirence!laugh

Dull Assesments

These past few days have been DREADFUL I have been suffering crying


We have had to do theses things that i do not likes TESTSsad


We done this 1 HOUR spelling testindecision


I don't get why we have to do TESTS we already do so much workfrown


I really dislike TESTScrying


An owltasic time

Today we had a fascinating visit from a company called night owls who brought in some owls here are a few:Barn owls,Tawny eagle owls,Little owl,African spotted eagle owl and a white face owl. These owls were so cool, one of them flew so low down its wings touched my hair!


The lady gave us a message do NOT litter!


"I found this so cool i want to be an owl!"smileysmileysmiley

phasels wood

on Thursdaycrying 15th  June 2017 as a reward trip year 5 went camping at phasels woods.we went to our campsite and we put our things into a tent what was already up up the staff,and we did a couple of activites like cresta run pedal racers ,archery,low ropes i was onto the hard part then i fell into a tree and hurted my elbow OUCH.


Phalses Wood


On Thursday 15th June 2017 a reward trip to Phases Wood and we are going to sleep in a tent overnight and we are probably nervous about it, we don't know who we are going to sleep with, I hope I sleep with  dolly  or other people in the tent.

I do have everything I need what is on the list, it is hard that we carry lots of things  like roll mates toothpaste and brush and old clothes, i might get cold  alot so I brought some warm things .

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