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The New Gym

This afternoon, our teacher, Mrs Chapman, showed the whole class the new gym equipment. It’s only for KS2, sadly. We weren’t the first people to try the equipment but we were the first class (the teachers went on them first). I named them as: The bumper, the high chair, the rider, the push ups and the swinger (my favourite is the swinger)!




On Tuesday 27th I went to Abu Dhabi. I went on a transit so I could meet my cousins in Abu Dhabi AND Pakistan. Unfortunately, I only stayed there for less than a day because I landed at 3am. My cousin, Zainab, gave me a dragonfly charm made with gold and crystals (I still have it). When we landed in Pakistan I was excited to meet my Maghul (My nan) because I love her marble,enormous house. 


My Easter

I went  to  Chessington with my  family. When I was at Chessington  I fed  the giraffeheartyesheart

Gym equipment.

My school has just got new gym equipment for KS 2. Today we tried it. It was an experience that was fun to use. A piece of equipment that was a double sided foot swing which me and my friend had a lot of fun on. Because your legs start to feel weird once you swing more. Another piece of equipment was a thing that when you push upwards you lift up in the air and it gives me tiny butterflies in my stomach. The other pieces of equipment was a push up helper were if you put your feet underneath the two bars at the bottom it helps you do push ups. A piece of equipment is like the one who pushes you upwards except from you pull behind you. The other is like a bicycle except your hands rotate too if you want to work out your hands. It was a nice experience with my friend. The gym still needs a fence because of the little ones that come to this school and might hurt them self.  

Easter time

This is what I did on my Easter holiday...

Firstly I got some kittens that were fairly new but they were beasts with tiny claws and teeth that dig into your skin like pins and needles. However, you can never get mad at them because when they give you cuddles they are too cute to bare. One is called Gilbert who suckles on his own paw and the other one called Gus.  He is very simple and doesn’t purr but just makes this pipping noise. They are both black and white also they are brothers.

On Easter day I got this giant Easter egg with large salted caramel bits inside it took three days to eat but my mum accidentally threw the rest away. My kittens are still very naughty and **** the vets.

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