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This Easter holiday it was my brother’s birthday he was turning seven years old. It all started with  the birthday food. We had to get everything ready into bags then into the car. We were going to have my brother’s birthday at my Gran's house. I wore a beautiful silky dress then black leggings with a green cardigan to finish it off.

Gym equipment

My school have just bought a new gym. Year 5 were the first class to go on it. Unfortunately KS1

aren’t allowed on it which means only year 3-year 6. Mrs Chapman spoke about the rules and discussed how to use them and we were allowed to use it few at a time. Mrs Chapman took some pictures of us while we were on the equipment. 


Over the years, there has been a lot of plastic left on the beaches and thrown in the sea. This is called littering which is harmful to the fish and animals in the sea. So animals are dying from it and some seriously hurt which is quite upsetting. This is upsetting because then animals are getting extinct and only a few left on Earth.

Easter time

 At Easter I watched Peter Rabbit with my best friend Megan. We loved it. Then she slept round.  We went swimming and played on my brother’s PS4. On Easter Sunday me and my brother went on a hunt before his football we found 38 eggs we were amazed! On Wednesday I went to Chessington World of Advantures with my mum’s school friend and her children.

My Easter Holidays

In the Easter Holidays I went to the zoo for my sister’s, boyfriend’s nephew's birthday and when we saw a white tiger his family said it was a zebra. We also saw a zebra; it was called a white tiger



I liked all the living animals at that zoo (most of them were fake). I also played golf which I failed at miserably.



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