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Last weekend me and my family went Briton

Me and my family and Friened went to Briton to go and play on rids smiley and came with food to eat on the  wear on the beech i went to see the sea the wavs wear big my stuff got wet but it was hot then i got sum rok it was nice i have still got sum left so has my sister wen we got home i was very sleepy i still got up early the peoppy how came with us came aroun the next day love to go i went to crazy golf it was fun my sister lulu and my mum play afier  that i weat to the beech the sea was wash in 

assessment week

this week we did assessments crying. it was boring! i used to love assessmentsheart.But now i dislike them we have alot of

the book called boom!

the book was amazingsmileycool

the owl visit

Today an owl company came in and showed us some owls my favorite owl type is owletheart my favorite one was called whisper.yes Next they flew across the room one at a time and went to there owners for chicken.smiley there was a big owl its wings were massive,There was also a little one called a owlet.Then later we went to the hall and had a picture with the white owl it was scaryindecision


These past week we have been doing assessments and they r so annoying that I have been suffering so muchcrying!!!


First we had to do a 200 word spelling test.


Its was like being MURDERED.angry


REALLY dislike


They r just not my thing.


Apart from maths.


That was like the ONLY ONE I liked.


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