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Pete Pan! <--- Singing page for our school play (Pete Pan) Its an amazing play- written by our fabulous teacher Mr. Guilder and more! I'm a pirate in the play, I'm practicing my lines! Its going to be spectacular! laugh From Honey+ ..* .

Going to the isle of white tomorrow!

yes? Tomorrow i am going to the Isle of white! I am exited. because I'm going with my friends (My mums boyfriend, and his kids) and my brother and my mum too! Its going to be such an amazing time, I will keep you updated! Cya, from Honey, bye!!mailheart visit the link!


My holiday at centre parcs (yes it is parcs, not parks!)

Last weekend me, my cousin Ella, my uncle Sean and my auntie Sarah! We went to Centre Parcs and had an spectacular time! When we got there i jumped on my comfy bed! On the second day we went swimming, the swimming pool was gigantic and luxurious, there was a ton of fun waterslides! in our little house we had our own outside sauna! There was 2 double bed- on suite rooms and a 2 single bed on suite rooms all with a big shower exept from the main room had a cool bath with a shower, the bath had a button where it makes bubbles and vibrates! It was honestly the best thing that i have expierenced in ages! I had the bedroom with my cousin where there was 2 single beds! That wasnt all we did, but i wanted to tell you a bit of what i did do, so i hope you enjoyed what i told you, goodbye, love Me! xxheart

Owl terrific day!

Hello! It's me again so today me and my school had an awesome company come in to our school, named Night Owls! Me and Reece were rather nervous when the lady let the owls rome around our silent hall! My fav owl was Tango! Erika and Olivia told us a ton of facts about the owls!

Please don't litter as it could seriously harm our animals!- Honeyheart Have a good day! 05/05/17

the wood

on 15th of June 2017 year 5 went Phasels wood cheeky  it was fun i wish we can go  the for wood to play with out no Teachers laughthen it was time for games then we made a fire and then it was time for bed if wait to go bed . 

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