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Today year 5 got to play with the new gym equipment to try out if it was safe for younger classes like year 3 and 4. So you are not allowed play on before school or after school. The only classes are 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 you can only play on when it is your turn.  


On Easter I went down stairs and I found lots of eggs in a big container. There was bunny’s inside and we went to do an Easter hunt around the house finding lots of Easter eggs. I ate some chocolate.  

The Gym Equipment


The new gym equipment has arrived. Everyone wants to go on it but year 5 were the first class to have a go. Only key stages 2 are allowed on it. There is a piece of equipment that helps your waist, one that helps your muscles in your arms, one that helps your muscles in your legs, one that you can do press ups on and one that has pedals on for your arms and legs. I hope you have a great time using it.


I’m sure you will enjoy it.   

Easter Holidays

After school I went home. Over the weekend I got lots of Easter eggs. On Tuesday I got up really early to get on the ferry to go to the Isle of Wight. When we got there we went for a drive around the island. On Wednesday we went swimming. It was fun. Then I got a strawberry milkshake with cream and marshmallows. On Thursday we went to Black Gang Chine. It was busy. There was lots of amazing statues. Friday morning I had to get up early to drive onto the ferry to get home. It took ages. The following Sunday I went to the XC with my cousin. My Easter holiday was great.



This was the best day ever! We got to check out the new gym equipment but it was only for KS 2. It took for ever. We had waited for our turn. When I went on the equipment it was so exciting for us! There were five different sports equipment’s. Year five was the first ones to try it out.

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