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Easter Holiday

Year 5 has voted to write a blog about their Easter break.  I wonder what they did, where they went or who they met.  I can’t wait to read them.

Amazing Activites

On Thursday 15th and Friday 16th June 2017, my class went to Phasels Wood. We did lots of activites including archery, crate stacking,pedal kartes,the rolling rock and cresta run.

My teacher got attacked by a "killer bear sized squirrel".

My favourit part was the crate stacking.


If you want to go camping go to Phasels Woods


This is Connie bye.

BOOM book

We finished reading this book called BOOM I rated it 55555555555555555555555555555555555 stars because it is one of the BEST books of all time.If you have just finished your book or are looking for a book read boom.Our teacher actually got a signed copyblushblush


thanks for reading. 


Having an owl-standing time

We had owls come in on come in on Friday 5th may 2017.We met them and some of them flew above mine and my friends heads. My top three favourite ones where Wispa ,Willow and Tango. I really enjoyed it because I liked meeting the different types they had brought.I am glad I got to be there and see it all.The people were called Erica and Olivia.There company is called Night Owls.And remember NEVER LITTER it is bad for the enviroment.     

Phasels Wood!

Our class went to Phasels Wood last Thursday, it was good... execpt the sleeping bit, me and my bfffffffffffffff (Ema and Connie) couldnt go to sleep! People were being noisy! The activities were amazing and fun! Our first one was Crate stacking. My favourite one was the Crestar run! It was so much fun, i was nervous at first but i loved it!heart Mr.Guilder got atacked by a squirel!


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